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    Pregnancy and Parenting Tips: Solving Breast Feeding Problems


    Solving breast feeding problems can be a real trial which you can get through if you are prepared for the it. Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your child, and the healthiest choice as well. Breastfeeding doesn’t cost any money, there are no bottles to heat and clean and baby can feed at a moment’s notice. Not to mention all of the information that tells about the natural bonding that takes place between a mother and her nursing infant.

    Many women fail at breastfeeding because their picture perfect idea of it is ruined in a rude awakening in the beginning stages of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be painful, frustrating and just plain tough in the beginning and well-meaning relatives can put on guilt by wondering if your baby is getting enough to eat, discouraging you from continuing this virtual ride through torture and giving in to formula! Remember your maternity pillow that you have used during your pregnancy? You can use it again while your nursing and breastfeeding your cute little baby.

    Though breastfeeding is not for everyone, it can help to know that the first two months are not going to be the fairy tale fantasy that is portrayed by peaceful pictures of women and their breastfeeding babies. It is also helpful to know that after these first two months, it really will be this way and you will forget all about this period that is best forgotten!

    In the beginning of your breastfeeding career you will go through the frustration of not being able to get your baby latched on, sore and even bleeding nipples, breasts so large and painful that you can not even bear to wear a top and comments from doubters that your baby is always hungry. It is important to shore up during this time and remember that what you are doing is best for your baby and you will make it through to sunnier shores before too long.

    It takes a good deal of time for your nipples to toughen up and you will basically have to bite the bullet until then. When you look down at your beautiful baby it will seem worth it. When a baby is just born, it will seem to want to eat every 2 hours. Of course, formula can make him wait longer, but only because it is more filling, not because it is more nutritious. Feeding the baby as often as he wants really helps build up your milk supply and once it gets going, you will be producing more and more, enough to help him make it for 3 hours! Babies go through spurts where they seem to be so hungry they can’t get enough, and then they will calm down.

    This is the baby telling your body he needs more milk, and he will get it if you continue to nurse on demand. It may seem painful and frustrating in the beginning, but if you stick with it, you will see the light on the other end of the tunnel before too long. Don’t feel like you are the only mother who ever had trouble breastfeeding, just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is easy! When you get advice from friends and family, thank them and then let the comments go out the other ear.

    Advice is the number one enemy of breastfeeding mothers. If you feel you need some advice, contact your local La Leche League, they will even have someone come to your house to provide instruction or assistance and are always happy to answer any questions you might have about breastfeeding.

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